How to Learn C++ Language

Today we will tell you how to learn C ++ language, just as you know that in today’s time we have a lot of language related to computer, but if you want to learn any language, then it is important that you know C language Very important because it is our Basic Language.

If you want to do any language of today’s memory, then it is very important to come to C ++ language before that, because in every language of today’s time, C ++ language comes if you have learned C ++ Programming, then after that you can do any programming You can learn the language very easily but some humans do not know what to do to learn C language, so today we will tell you which steps to follow to learn C ++ language.

How to learn C ++ language?

For this, first you need a software with the help of which you can learn C ++ language, but for this you will have to install software in your PC. For this, you have to go to Google and you have to enter Turbo C ++, after that you will show its link in front of you, with the help of which you can download this software. After that you have to double click on it and install it in your PC.

Direct Download Link Turbo C++

What is a compiler?

After that you should know what is Compiler and what is its use in C ++ Language. If you create any programming, you use English or Hindi language for this, but the computer does not understand this language, for this, the compiler is a software with the help of which we convert our language into Langauge of the computer. Can. To use the compiler, you have to install it.

Understand the basic things of C Language

If you want to learn C ++ language, for this you should know some basic steps of C language such as what is Syntax and what is Header Files? After that you try using Syntax and Header Files. After that you should know what are Data Types and at the same time you should also know what are Variable Names because if you save any data in Computer Memory, then that data is not stored in such PC For this, it is necessary to tell the name of that data.

What is the use of function and keywords?

After that you should know what is the use of Function and Keyword. Within this, you have many functions and keywords with the help of which we can create any program like – Printf, Scanf,% d,% f,% s and what we use them for.

After that, you have to make some programme for which you can also take help of internet or you can put a class in any center around you. After that you buy a Book of C ++ Language with the help of which you can become a good programmer.


In this way, you have to follow some steps, with the help of which you can learn C ++ language very easily. We hope that you have understood this post of ours, but if you still have some Doubt, then you can comment us and ask.

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